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We fully subscribe to the 70/20/10 Model based on research by Michael M. Lombardo and Robert W. Eichinger for the Center for Creative Leadership. The concept states that development typically begins with realisation of a need and motivation to do something about it, and that a blend of different learning approaches "in concert" can provide powerful learning. Lombardo and Eichinger stated that "the odds are that development will be":

Most managers get this model as it is reinforced by their own development journey. What they generally struggle with is how to embed this thinking into the way they manage and develop their teams. We believe that 70:20:10 is activated through:-

To achieve this we offer:-

  1. How to Embed and Sustain a Coaching Culture - a 1½ day workshop for senior managers that will get them committed to a coaching culture, learn how to coach, and plan actions using the 5 drivers of a coaching culture.
  2. Everyday Coaching for Managers - a blended learning programme that teaches managers how to coach and supports them with their implementation.
  3. Everyday Coaching for Coachees - a blended learning programme designed to introduce direct report to coaching, what to expect from their managers and how to optimise on the opportunities.
  4. Coaching and facilitating skills for HR + Coaching high performing teams - a programme to develop internal expert coaches who are able to support managers with their coaching. Generally this is a programme for HR Business Partners, but which is not restricted to them and will include good coaches from across all functions.

Workplace coaching

Coaching Culture Model - click to enlarge.