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Learning Trail - Managing Remote Teams

Managing remote teams is a common problem in today's disbursed organisations. It is hard enough managing a team when you share the same office space, but add to that the geographic separation and you could have a recipe for disaster. Quite simply to succeed as a leader you just have to work harder and smarter to make sure this doesn't happen. This learning trail has been developed for leaders to help them to understand the issues and to embrace some of the solutions offered.

Task 1: What are the issues you face in managing your remote team?

Watch the video ‘Where in the World is My Team’ to get your thinking going and then list out some of the issues you face in managing your remote team.

Task 2: What problems do you face in motivating your team?

The video on ‘Drive’ will help you to understand how best to motivate your team in today’s world. How would you go about applying the ideas of Drive to your remote team? What would be some of the problems that you would face?

Some useful links

Consider this from the management classic “In Search of Excellence“:

“One reason the Roman empire grew so large and survived so long — a prodigious feat of management — is that there was no railway, air plane, car, radio, telephone. Above all, no telephone. And therefore you could not maintain any illusion of direct control over a general or provincial governor, you could not feel at the back of your mind that you could ring him up, or he could ring you, if a situation cropped up which was too much for him, or that you could fly over and sort things out if they started to get into a mess. You appointed him, you watched his chariot and baggage train disappear over the hill in a cloud of dust and that was that … There was, therefore, no question of appointing a man who was not fully trained, or not quite up to the job: you knew that everything depended on his being the best man for the job before he set off. And so you took great care in selecting him; but more than that you made sure that he knew all about Rome and Roman government and the Roman army before he went out.”

Task 3: How will you make better use of technology

Making full use of technology is a great way of supplementing your communication and collaboration needs. Today it is possible at little or no cost to set up a virtual office enabling team members to share files and collaborate and communicate with one another using pop up chats and video conferencing windows on their computers. Whilst never as powerful as face-to-face contact, it is a whole lot better than trying to do everything via email and telephone calls which so often result in unread emails and playing telephone tag via voice messages.

In this task you need to do a bit of research via the following link:-

Then the task is to:-