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This programme has been designed to support the development of a new breed of leader amongst the up and coming management of an organisation. To develop leaders who are skilled at managing, coaching, facilitating and leading, and who are able, on an everyday basis, to draw on the right skills and techniques to engage and inspire people in any given situation.


Look to any successful organisation and you will invariably find that success and good leadership go hand in hand. So developing leaders is not a nice to have, but is an imperative for the survival of organisations during these difficult times, and to underwrite success during the good times that will follow.

What better way to reinforce the future of an organisation than to shape young leaders for the challenges that lie ahead. In shaping the everyday leader we are right in tune with today's world. If you ask any group of managers to name the leader that they most admire, the chances are Nelson Mandela will be the most nominated person. If you investigate further you will find that what people admire in a great leader today now includes words like 'humble', 'a servant to his people', 'self-less', 'a uniting force', 'I have total trust in my leader'. Yes charisma is important but engaging and inspiring people today can come from many different attributes, and this will be covered on the programme.

All too often organisations invest quite rightly in their senior leaders and tend to neglect the larger group of leaders, the middle management group. It is this group that we are targeting with 'The Everyday Leader Programme' and have designed a cost effective solution that can be easily tailored to the needs of any organisation.

What’s special about this programme?

In designing the Everyday Leader Programme we have used our many years' experience in developing leaders to identify what we believe are the essentials of a good everyday leader. From this we have developed a model/curriculum that forms the basis of the learning that participants will benefit from during the programme.

In order to accelerate this learning and to optimise costs we have opted for a blended learning approach which will run over 12 to 18 month period.

The programme will be totally tailored to your requirements but typically will cover:-

The Everyday Leaders

Everyday Leader Model - click to enlarge.