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Inspiring Leader

This programme has been designed to support the development of a new breed of leader amongst the up and coming management of an organisation. To develop leaders who are skilled at managing, coaching, facilitating and leading, and who are able, on an everyday basis, to draw on the right skills and techniques to engage and inspire people in any given situation.

High Performing Teams

Often team leaders look to team building events to sort out team issues and get everyone motivated and pulling together. However so often these well-intentioned actions only provide short-term solutions and fail to deal with the real problems and issues that tend to hold back team performance.

This programme gets to the heart of the issues and the team are guided by a team coach on a structured path to high performance.

Nurturing Coaching Culture

There is very little not to like about a coaching culture. Leaders exhibit a coaching style of leadership in which they are constantly developing their people to meet the challenges of work. The capibility of individuals and teams improves as does the whole organisation. However, it takes a fair amount of effort to develop a nurturing coaching culture. This programme is aimed at getting management on board and passionate about developing a different way of managing people. Its about preparing the ground before you plant the seeds of 'how to coach'.

Change Management

Change management is an integral part of our offering.  We believe that, if you do not think about how you are going to implement these programmes, you will not get the true return on your investment with our solutions.

We follow the PROSCI methodology; click on the logo below if you wish to find out more, or have a chat with us,

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